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Product Reviews :: Whirlpool Microwave Ovens

Whirlpool Appliances, which was initially known for its state of the art washing machines has forayed big time into the Indian consumer appliances market. The company took our kitchens by storm when it introduced its Mastermind series of intelligent refrigerators and won many awards along with many hearts. Now they are vying for attention with their competitive range of microwaves that are not only at par in technology with their competitors but also give stiff competition with design and features too.

The third category is that of the convection range that is ideal for making all your cookies and cakes and is for you if you are a desert fanatic. This is a range of larger Microwave Ovens that has interesting features that can help you with any kind of cooking in your kitchen. It has functions and utilities like Auto Cook, Combi Cook, Micro Tawa, Baking Tray apart from the others provided in the Grill range and can help you in dishing out almost any kind of food in minutes with great ease. This range is also priced on the higher side as it is the one giving you the maximum of everything.

All in all, the microwaves from Whirlpool not only have excellent technology and off beat features that cannot be found in other ovens, they also have such a diversified range that there is one microwave for everybody in the house of Whirlpool!


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