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Should I buy an LG or Maytag refrigerator?

Unfortunately, most refrigerators today are not anywhere as reliable as the old ones. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. Electronics: instead of the old reliable mechanical devices that used to operate refrigerators, a lot of the new ones use electronics so that if one feature fails, the whole circuit has to be replaced. This is costly and inconvenient.

2. The energy requirements are such that the compressors have to be smaller, more efficient, run higher pressures, and longer run times. These compressors cannot last 30 years or more. But the refrigerator will cost far less to operate. Average life expectancy is 8-15 years, but the repairs are expensive and failures occur more often.

The main complaint about the Maytag is the flimsy shelving, if you get that one be really careful with the interior.


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