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What are the functions of Ultra low deep freezer?

Deep freezers are equipments that are used to store and preserve food for a longer period of time i.e. essential for industrial purposes as well as for household chores. These are even used in restaurants and super markets. There are different kinds of deep freezers such as deep freezer vertical, freeze drier, ultra -low deep freezer and blood bank refrigerator. They are available in different shapes and sizes some may be compact or some may be the regular ones. Their functions and applications vary as per their usage.

If we discuss about Ultra Low Deep Freezer the temperature range inside these equipments are from -10 degree Celsius to -86 degree Celsius and the inner chamber is made of stainless steel where as the outer wall is painted with steel panel. There are different models of ultra low deep freezer and these models have different features, capacity, weight and input power. These types of freezers are used mainly in medical laboratories and also for industrial purposes. These are even used to preserve and store blood and several other chemicals that can only preserved under low temperature range. It is pretty obvious that no blood refrigerators and chemicals can function without ultra low deep freezers. These deep freezers are extremely different from the regular ones, as they not only maintain a constant temperature but they even improve the set temperature. However, the temperature range of household deep freezers is between zero and -10 degree Celsius whereas, freezers that are used in medical laboratory can range around -86 degree Celsius or less.

Scientific equipments are reliable and, apart from the reliability factor, characteristics such as 72 hour battery backup for printer and controller display, audible and visual alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm and door ajar alarm are also found in them. These even have 155mm foaming insulation, vacuum release port, three shelves inside the chamber made of stainless steel with a door, micro processor based temperature control system and platinum resistance sensors. These are even used in micro- biology testing and even to store plasma.

Besides for blood storage, they are used to store and preserve medicines and moreover prevent medicines from getting spoilt. Medical refrigeration is also used to preserve stem cells of newly born baby for many years that can be later on used to cure or prevent diseases in that particular person. The life of vaccines is extended, when they are kept for medical refrigeration.

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Rodsi Bhatia is the author of this article. She writes article for business products and manufacturing units. She has good knowledge for these types of scientific equipments such as Cooling incubator , High low temperature chamber etc.


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